But at what age is it better to start learning foreign languages and using basic english translate to tagalog? The fact is that in childhood, which is called from birth to 5 years, the child’s brain is more vulnerable to the perception of information, it learns new words, various intonations and sounds of speech much better. Children easily and quickly “absorb” information. The child is open to everything new and he is interested in the world around him. That is why the early start of learning English will help the child in the future.

Children who hear foreign speech from an early age perceive the process of communication in another language as naturally as in their native language. Toddlers learn the language intuitively, they imitate the sounds they hear, and by school age, children speak English with little or no accent. And what is most interesting is that they do not have a question why they speak several languages with him, since this is a natural and natural perception of the world and speech. Bilingual children can very easily learn several different languages at the same time without getting confused at all. And with a systematic and in-depth study of the English language, bilingualism can really develop in the family, both early in international families, when the child “absorbs” a foreign language and french to english text from birth, and later when learning a foreign language at a later age, for example, when emigrating to another country . The perception of the language in this case occurs through culture and socialization, in addition to studying it in an English school. Bilingual children are different from their peers, they have a broader outlook, a more developed memory and a better speech delivery. Such children have the flexibility of thinking, they are confident and relaxed.

In families where there are bilingual or bilingual children, parents should adhere to certain and very important rules when each parent speaks to the child in their native language, and English acts as an additional language. By the age of 4-5, the child will clearly form the edge and understanding of each language.