Speaking of France and french to english, one cannot ignore its connection with the Islamic world. There are several reasons for this. In the modern world, this is, first of all, a significant proportion of the followers of this religion in the country. And in the history of France, these are many decades when a number of French regions were under the control of the Arabs. A significant number of them come to France, attend French courses from scratch, and then find work and gradually transport their families.

For more than eight decades on the territory of modern Provence there was a pirate base, which was run by the Arabs. According to the largest fortress, it was given the name Fraxinet. The Muslim pirates themselves called the base Jalal-al-Hilal.

Presumably, the first fortifications appeared in the area in 888 AD. Since the place was strategically advantageous, the pirates tried to firmly dig in. And they succeeded. A small base gradually grew to an emirate. At the beginning of the 10th century, it included coastal territories and the now popular resort (and then just a town) of Saint-Tropez.

Pirates did not live peacefully: they attacked nearby lands, robbed settlements and took the inhabitants into slavery. It is not surprising that the local rulers have always treated them unfriendly. And when, in the 960s, the interests of the pirates who controlled the trade routes began to intersect with the growing strength of the Holy Roman Empire, the fate of the base was a foregone conclusion. In 972, Christian armies razed the fortifications to the ground.

What did Fraxinet bring to France?
However, the pirates were remembered not only for raids and the ruin of civilians. They also contributed to the revival of agronomy and the luxury goods trade. This helped restore economic activity in the region.

And what about French and english to french? Are there any traces of a once strong pirate base left in it? It turns out yes. This is a settlement with the unusual name Ramatuelle. Researchers suggest that the roots of this toponym are just eastern.

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