Independent study of German and english to german
German is the second most popular foreign language among the population of the former USSR[4]. In addition, historically, Russia and Germany actively interact both economically and diplomatically. Thanks to this, there are many high-quality manuals, Internet resources and conversation clubs in German. Therefore, you can find opportunities for training in any city and on any budget.

German schools
If you feel like you lack the teaching talent and organizational skills to self-study, or just need help getting the basics right, consider learning German in a course. You will be taken under the wing of an experienced teacher and you will not need to think about self-discipline. On average, German courses in Russia will cost an average of 249 USD per month. But remember that group classes drastically reduce the opportunity for an individual approach, and you may need to master the material that caused difficulties on your own.

German and english to german with a tutor
The strength of tutoring is the individual approach. A personal teacher will make a curriculum for your unique tasks and features, together you will make the most convenient lesson plan. But it will cost more – from 20 USD per hour in Moscow and at least 12 USD in the regions. In addition, you will only be able to practice speaking with one person, rather than with a whole group.

German courses in Germany
This option is not suitable for mastering the basics, but after you have a base, it is a great way to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the language, practice speaking and learn the nuances that no textbook can explain. What’s especially nice is that courses aren’t just found in big cities – if you prefer quiet old Europe, you can go to cities like Heidelberg, surrounded by forests and with a population of around 160,000 people. But remember two things: First, this is not a budget option. In addition to the courses themselves, you will have to spend money on flights, accommodation and more. A month of living in Germany costs about 1,000 USD, the courses themselves and the flight will cost the same amount. Secondly, carefully study what dialect is spoken in the part of the country where you are going. There is a risk of forming some kind of local pronunciation, completely different from the reference Hochdeutsch.