Currently, due to the development of international economic and commercial relations and the growing need for business communication in English, knowledge of business English for many professionals, entrepreneurs and employees of international companies is becoming a vital necessity. At the same time, the ability to communicate and conduct business correspondence in English often determines the level of professionalism of an employee.

Features of studying business English.
The peculiarity of business English and English business vocabulary is that for each industry they have their own specifics. The English business vocabulary needed by a finance manager, for example, can be very different from that needed by a marketer or healthcare professional. In addition, some terms and expressions that have one meaning in one industry may have a completely different meaning in another. Therefore, business communication training in English for each industry must be different, and it is simply impossible to create one single business English course that would satisfy the needs of specialists of all specialties.

Another feature of Business English is that many of the terms and expressions of English business vocabulary are based on professional knowledge that is necessary for their correct interpretation. Therefore, the qualitative development of the terms and expressions of Business English occurs mainly in the process of work or while studying in the specialty. For example, consider the following situation. For example, any accountant will easily understand what “intangible assets” are. He will only have to find the correct translation ‛intangible assets‛. For another specialist who has not dealt with financial terminology, such a definition does not mean anything. He needs, first of all, to understand the very concept of “intangible assets”.

Another feature of business English is that no matter what area of ​​business you are working in, in order to successfully master English business vocabulary, you must first of all have a vocabulary and general communication skills. Business English or Business English is just a specific set of phrases and concepts that are an add-on over common English. To apply and understand English business vocabulary, you must first of all be able to perceive English by ear and be able to construct the correct sentences. In addition, when communicating with foreign colleagues, partners or clients, we not only discuss commercial transactions and technical issues, but also maintain normal communication. Therefore, if you want to feel comfortable and confident, you must possess not only business English vocabulary, but also general speaking skills on free topics.

Briefly about business English courses.
Based on the above, Business English courses usually combine training in spoken English and English grammar with teaching English business vocabulary and business communication rules, and can also have a kind of “familiarization course” in English terminology in specialized fields such as finance. banking, management, insurance and advertising. In business English courses, topics such as economic and political processes are usually discussed, various situations that arise during negotiations and telephone communication in English are simulated.

Typically, business English requires knowledge of basic phrases and an understanding of the following specific elements:

– business correspondence and business documentation in English (letters, contracts, reports)
– writing a resume in English (CV)
– telephone communication in English
– negotiation and presentation in English

You must understand that in any Business English course you will only be given the basics. All the subtleties and specific English terms related to your area of ​​business, you still have to master on your own, because in addition to the general rules, each industry and each large organization has its own requirements and standards for both business correspondence and internal reporting, and business ethics.

The program and materials that you will find on our website are not aimed at teaching business English, but are primarily aimed at acquiring the skills of listening comprehension of English spoken language of varying degrees of difficulty and understanding of various topics. Thus, after working through our online English course, you will acquire that language base of spoken English, which will subsequently give you the opportunity to develop your knowledge of the English language and in the business sphere.